Skills you need as a social media manager

The saying “no person is an island” is true, especially when it comes to social media management. Practically speaking, you can’t be a one-man-band in your own business especially if you’re juggling several social media accounts, along with other online digital marketing campaigns. This is why social media managers exist to handle the tedious and meticulous workload ,of digital business marketing and digital brand growth.

Even if you are your own manager, you have to be realistic that you need certain skills to manage your social media accounts effectively and to be on top of your game.

How to be an excellent social media manager

Being an expert with social media means knowing your audience, what kind of content to use and how often to post to your accounts. Essentially, being an expert in this field means you know what you are doing and more importantly, why.

To be a social media manager you need to be constantly on your game. It can be just as strenuous as other jobs and often requires you to be more creative than your last scheduled post. Audience engagement is one of and if not, the most important aspects of the role.

Contrary to others’ beliefs, being a social media manager is not at all an easy task. The visual content which your followers engage with may look fun and easygoing, but posting them requires proficiency and skills in optimizing content and engaging with the correct audience.

Technical skills that every social media manager needs:

SEO knowledge. This is an important aspect that you need to look into especially when starting up your social media posting strategies. Using the right keywords will help you target the right audience and will give your brand the exposure that it deserves. This is a crucial stage in your overall digital marketing strategy. Use only the appropriate keywords to ensure you stay relevant.

Social media expertise. Knowing your way around social media means that you can streamline your brand’s theme and voice on all the platforms that you publish to. Being an expert in this field is to be aware of the basics and knowing which advanced tools and methods you need, to deliver the right message to the right people.

Visual intelligence. Your posts can make or break your social media platforms aesthetic. Having a keen eye for visual details is invaluable in any business or organisation. This requires attention to the color scheme used, the layout, the brands font and the overall direction of your posts. Visuals are important to consumers, especially the photos used that represent your brand.

Being a social media manager requires all these and more. Managing several corporate social media accounts requires hard work and patience to learn the craft. Before doing anything online, you need to be equipped with some of the handy technical skills mentioned above, which will prove essential to your work in the future.