Snapchat or Instagram – Which platform is best for your business

If visual marketing is a part of your business marketing plan, then both the platforms of Snapchat and Instagram can be used to give your business a boost. The biggest problem which most business owners face is that they are unsure of which of the two different social media networks are best for their business and overall digital marketing strategies.

Both Instagram and Snapchat share the same benefits when used correctly, but understanding the value of both and how to apply them to your business can be a challenge.

Snapchat and Instagram comparisons

Snapchat and Instagram have a lot more in common with each other, rather than just being a photo sharing social media platform. Both of these networks are primarily used by younger age groups, which are highly active on their smartphones so any marketing campaigns conducted on these two platforms should keep that in mind.

Due to the nature of these two social media networks being focused on a mobile driven audience, posting frequency needs to be higher on both of these networks due to their daily repeated use, unlike Facebook.

When determining which of these two social platforms to launch your campaigns on, learning the metrics of both is important as it will allow your company to make informed decisions.

Marketing on Snapchat

At last count only 1% of businesses use Snapchat at a platform for their digital marketing efforts. This is great news for small business owners as it means they can use this social media network to publish their content on and generate a large response as they will have less overall competition.

While images and video content do disappear quickly, due to the nature of Snapchat and how the network operates, this can be used to a company’s advantage as motivation to get an audience to take action, before the content expires. By offering your followers coupon codes and limited time discount offers, you can engage and convert your fans.

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram as a marketing platform is one of the more popular methods of introducing a brand and message to a diverse and engaged audience. Businesses can easily take advantage of this network and share short video or image content, with the purpose of informing their fans and growing their followers.

Instagram is the perfect social media network when it comes to publishing highly engaged content, as users on this network enjoy publicly commenting, liking and sharing content which they find of interest.

Restaurants and cafes are two industries where Instagram has been proven to be hugely successful when it comes to marketing their food, via posting high quality snapshots of their menu items as well as happy dinners at their establishments.