What do Social Community Managers do

When it comes to digital online marketing and social media a common question which is frequently asked is what do social community managers do? Searching for a qualified person to run your business’s social media presence can be at times a difficult experience. As a small Australian business owner, it’s vital that the person you hire is expertly qualified and has the necessary skills and knowledge to be a social community manager.

Your community manager is responsible for your brand when it comes to all aspects of social media and your presence on the social media networks. Your social media community manager will be responsible for advocating your brand, your brand’s tone of voice, and ensuring the consistency of your brand message. A community manager working with your business will be responsible for connecting potential customers to your brand. Typically, community managers deal with consumers who have not previously heard of your business by boosting awareness of your brand via the various digital online advertising channels.

Social community managers are more than skilled when it comes to measuring the successful ROI of a social media marketing campaign. As a small business owner it’s important that you build effective metrics into your social media marketing campaigns, to ensure that your social community manager is effectively delivering real-world results. A social community manager will spend the large majority of their time focusing on the bottom line of your business and ensuring that your social media marketing efforts on the social media networks generate effective results for your brand.

These results could be increased sales of your products or services, or increased recognition of your brand.Informed and with their fingers on the pulse of the social media world, your social community manager should be listening to your audience and effectively engaging with them through posting content and using analytical tools. By using tools such as those on offer from Google, to monitor in real-time conversations happening about your brand and the industry in which you operate in, you will be able to better monitor your brand.A social community manager will ensure that all conversations are followed and that your brand is presented in the best possible light.

A great social community manager will have their finger on the pulse when it comes to your audience and know who your ideal customers are. Through this knowledge your social community manager will be able to use industry-leading best practices and ensure that your business gains value from your social media marketing efforts. A switched-on community manager will be able to review and also alter in real time your social media and digital marketing strategies.

When looking to hire a social community manager, you should aim to hire one which understands the different roles that are required, such as having the ability to adapt and create content for each of the specific social media networks. A fantastic social media manager will also know that certain social media networks such as Twitter, have content posting limits, which in Twitter’s case is 140 characters, how many hashtags work best on Instagram and what time you have to punch out a great Boomerang video.