Emerging Social Channels

From a marketing perspective we are all aware of the primary social media networks such as Facebook, Insagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest but did you also know that there are many new and emerging social media sites? There are channels such as Reddit, Snapchat, Medium, We Heart It and Ello. Many of these┬ásocial media networks are growing steadily┬ábut many of them are increasing with many new users daily and now is the best time to open profiles for your business. It’s much easier to build up an audience and become an influencer in your industry before the rest of your competition creates accounts on these networks.


Targeting consumers on this social media platform can be tricky as technically outside of paid advertising, Reddit disapproves of marketing, but by using a few clever methods it can be done. Reddit is a powerful community of people who will be receptive of your marketing messages, but only if you do it by providing value and not blatantly plugging your product.


Snapchat is a continually evolving social media channel that monthly grows in traffic volume and user interaction. This social media network offers businesses with a platform called Snapchat Discover, which enables companies to promote their brand and engage with their audience. Your business can publish both picture and video snaps and with the tap of the screen, overlap a text message for your followers which is posted onto your snaps.

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Medium was created by two former employees of Twitter and Blogger. This social media network is a combination of similar features which can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The purpose of Medium is to organise your content into what Medium calls ‘collections’. Currently this social media site is only open to new accounts by invitation, but with rapidly growing interest, it won’t be long till everyone is using it.

We Heart It

We heart it is a social media site which is similar to a mix of both Tumblr and Pinterest. This network while smaller than the other major ones, still boasts an impressive 8 million users and receives more than 38 millions page views per month. If your business already creates visual content for sites such as Pinterest, it’s a good idea to also syndicate your content to this network.