Facebook Marketing

The most popular social media network is Facebook, used daily by a broad audience of Australian’s engaging in numerous conversations. If your company or organisation does not have a Facebook fan page, then you are missing out on communicating to one the largest social media audiences and losing market share to your competitors.  On a daily basis numerous potential customers are using this social network to share information and news, they could even be starting conversations about your company, which would result in increased followers and engagement.

The benefits of marketing on Facebook

By just having interested people liking your page, it’s not enough to provide your company with sustainable long-term engagement. A good idea is to always ensure that you can make a strong commitment to your target market audience. If you do not make meaningful connections with your followers outside of the Facebook social network, then your campaigns may be in trouble.

Clever businesses know to gather leads from their Facebook audience and funnel them back into their marketing plan. One way in which you can do this is by holding social media contests, product giveaways and regular promotional email newsletters. This is a proven method which works well for many different organisations across many different industries.

Building a Facebook business page is cost effective for your company. While it is correct that you may need to pay for graphic and photo design work, at the end of the day it’s money well spent. Once you have your Facebook fan page correctly set up, it’s time to begin posting content and engaging with your audience on a large scale. You can do this by creating targeted Facebook advertisements.

Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive when you compare the Facebook social network campaigns to traditional print media and radio advertising. By effectively targeting users on Facebook and introducing them to your brand, Facebook marketing allows you to laser target your audience’s demographic.

Facebook is the largest social media network which means that you can extremely target your audience demographics. By specifically segmenting your audience you can generate extremely targeted and cost-effective followers to your Facebook business page. It’s quite possible to get low cost likes, shares and followers to the information which you regularly syndicate to your Facebook page. This is beneficial as you only want interested consumers in your product to be following your company.

If you are a local Brisbane or Gold Coast company for example selling a product or service to local consumers, you have no need to be targeting international customers. Once your Facebook page is set up correctly it’s important that you keep an eye on your statistical tracking and page information. Facebook statistics are easy to use and they provide informative data about the progress that your page is making. It’s so simple that even non-technical people are able to understand the information. Facebook statistics include how many likes your page currently has, the reach of each post that you syndicate, your audience engagement and previous campaign performance data.

Social media marketing best practices

It’s important to remember that while Facebook is a social media network used to build your organisation’s brand, it’s also a medium for your business to build amazing brand loyalty. Nowadays consumers are using social media networking sites such as Facebook much more often, when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Previously consumers used to use the Yellow Pages or catalogues to make informed decisions, but those days are long gone. On Facebook, if you are regularly syndicating informative content while being engaging and responsive to potential customers Inquiries, your audience is much more likely to prefer your brand than competitors.

Clever Facebook campaigns are built around engaging posts. Remember that by frequently posting fresh information to your Facebook social media page, is important as it allows you to create a large social media audience. The majority of Facebook users access the social site by using their smartphone or tablet. This is a growing trend that every year becomes more popular, so it’s a best practice that your business is mobile ready, including your Facebook social media business page. One important things to remember is that inside your Facebook fan page, there is an option to optimise your fan page for mobile devices and desktop computers.

Challenges of marketing on Facebook

If you need to determine if your company is reaching its Facebook social media marketing plans, you must firstly see if you have reached your marketing goals or not. Before starting your Facebook marketing campaigns, you should clearly set your campaign objectives to make sure that all of your staff involved in your organization’s Facebook marketing efforts, are working from the same plan. By reviewing your campaign are ongoing intervals, this is an efficient way to track goals that have either been reached or not.

The amount of likes which your Facebook business page receives is directly related to the growth of your social media marketing campaigns. By keeping an eye on this regularly, it’s an important method of tracking your audience followers engagement and growth. By keeping an eye on your paid marketing campaigns as well as your organic growth, this is a helpful way of determining the success of each of your Facebook social media marketing campaigns.

Another way of understanding the success of your Facebook media campaigns, is to understand the total reach of each post, which you have syndicated to your Facebook business page. Each day from inside the Facebook statistics area, you are able to read and download reports, which track and record your Facebook page likes, followers, as well as the amount of people which are engaged with and sharing your published content. If you notice that your audience is not as engaged with your posted information as they should be, by using Facebook statistics you can change your ongoing marketing campaigns and try to implement more effective communication with your audience.

Even the best Facebook advertising campaigns can be changed and altered to be even more effective. Did you know that your business can take advantage of Facebook fan page insights? These reports present in-depth comprehensive statistical data, that you can use to connect with and engage with your audience.

One important factor to keep in mind is that when it comes to the time of day to post your content, previous post data will indicate this. It will let you determine which time of the day is best to influence and engage with a large portion of your audience. Even the most successful posts published at the wrong time of day fail and won’t engage with your Facebook page audience.