Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a photo sharing social media site, very similar to the Pinterest social network, but with its own unique styling. If your social media marketing plans are to get your audience to engage with you, then you must do the same with them. If your Instagram fans share your posts then it means that they are liking the photos that your business is publishing. Be sure to notice this and reciprocate the sharing as it creates good will amongst your followers. Passionate and engaged followers of your account, translate into a positive buzz about your business brand, which will lead to an increase in your fan following and product engagement.

An efficient Instagram content syndication strategy should outline your objectives and goals, while illustrating a clear marketing campaign for your business. If you don’t understand what your organisation needs to achieve, then it will be difficult to move onward with your objectives. Building your brand on Instagram and using this social media network as a marketing channel, will allow your company to engage with and grow an audience. The secret to creating an engaged audience on your Instagram social network page is to post quality photos as well as using clever taglines and hashtags. On the topic of hashtags, it is highly important to build your audience around a strong and brand-able hashtag.

As an example of this you should look at other large companies such as the shoe company Nike and look at the way with which they engage and communicate with their Instagram audience. When creating your campaign taglines which are attached to the image you are planning to upload on your Instagram account, keep in mind that this social network isn’t as strict as Twitter. This means that you do have a longer character limit when adding a caption to your photo.

Unlike other social media networks, when publishing content on Instagram, you should always be thinking in the mindset of your consumer audience. Sure you may have a large Instagram following, but you need to turn these followers into paying customers. So how do you do this? A simple way to find out the needs of your audience, is to post questions which are open ended and generate responses from your Instagram page fans. You can do this by including tag lines with the high quality photos which you publish to your Instagram page.

A clever tip to remember is to not flood your Instagram page with posts. Unlike other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, the Instagram audience are a different type of people It’s always important to remember to follow posting best practices and not flood your Instagram page by posting to frequently. It will be difficult to build a large group of followers if their feeds are being constantly filled up with photos from your organisation. Each time you post new photos to your Instagram page, you are actually increasing the amount of opportunities which your business has to convert a fan into a paying customer. As you upload your photos you are creating a following consisting of potential new customers, existing customers as well as your most recent ones. Each interaction that your fans have with your company’s brand is another chance of converting them into a paying customer.

Try to remember at every opportunity that you need to leverage this social media network much in the similar way as you would with the other social media channels. For example, you can have social icons on the pages of your website. By posting your Instagram content to your company’s other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, you have a real opportunity to increase your fan followers. By integrating Instagram into your company’s overall marketing strategy, you will be surprised by the opportunities which are available to grow your Instagram page followers.

Instagram does come with many tools and features which they offer to companies which have a channel on this social media network. For example did you know that Instagram offers filters, editing tools and special effects which you can use to creatively change your photos and boost their visual appeal? Instagram has also released to business clients a series of performance-based tools which offer insights into your company’s audience engagement. Your company can preview real time analytics which include user engagement, consumer reach, and advertising insights.

Always be sure that your engagement is an important part of your social marketing campaign when it comes to photos that are posted on your Instagram page. By mixing uploaded photos from your company along with fan-submitted ones, this is an excellent way of fostering a solid brand relationship. Nothing engages better with an audience than having a company communicating to it’s followers and engaging with them.

Studies have shown that business’ who interact with their target audience often become influencers in their market and convert their fans into paying customers, much more often than organisations that don’t. A lot of companies seem to forget that being social is the whole point of social media marketing.

We have talked a lot about the best practices of building your business brand on Instagram. We discussed posting engaging photos, we talked about the importance of using tag lines along with hashtags and how to create an engaging audience around your brand. By implementing a social media plan for your business, you will be rewarded by a growing audience, more followers and increasing customers. The more regular that your content is published over your social media channels, the more your audience will become loyal with your brand. Studies have shown that a strong brand presence results in improved customer loyalty.

A simple yet effective Instagram marketing plan is one which encourages and fosters fan engagement amongst your followers. The more engaging that your photos are, the more likely you are of tapping into your community’s willingness to share your content amongst their friends and their followers. While at times it can be tricky for your business to create its own in-house content, enlisting your community and getting your audience to create the content for you, is one of the most effectively clever ways to build your Instagram marketing strategy.

Using customer testimonials as published content is one of the best ways to showcase your brand and for your company’s story to be told. When your brand’s voice is coming from the mouth of your followers, your audience is more likely to be receptive to this as it is an authentic way of telling a story about the product or service which your company sells. Nowadays a lot of potential consumers are blind to even the best social media marketing strategies. Therefore by having passionate advocates of your company’s products and coming from the voice of your consumers, your audience will look to your company as if you are a brand influencer in your industry.

By following all of the above advice and tips on Instagram and it’s best marketing practices, your organisation should be able to design and implement a highly effective and efficient social media marketing strategy. If you find that your marketing campaign is not going as well as planned, talk to us at Juicy Online Media. Our skilled social media experts will be able to get your campaign back on track.