LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the premier social media network focused on business to business networking and connecting professionals with each other. It has been said that there are more than 230 million professionals using this network around the world, while not many companies give it the full attention that it deserves. LinkedIn is well known for fostering relationships and generating new business leads. Be sure to remember that the conversations which happen on the LinkedIn network are much more serious in nature than the ones which happen on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a best practice that when syndicating content to this network, always be sure to keep it professional and in a business context. By doing this, your company will be rewarded with serious engagement, interaction and discussions with your industry peers.

Networking using LinkedIn apps

We understand that business owners are busy running their organisation, but in your downtime it’s important to keep increasing your brand exposure. You can install the LinkedIn app onto your smartphone or tablet device and share informative content about your business and other information related to your industry. By publishing regular content on your LinkedIn account, you can foster engagement with your industry peers as well as growing your company’s brand awareness.

Apply SEO to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing social media network for professionals which means you can use this network to foster relationships, increase your company’s brand awareness, or even use it to find a new job. This means that this social media network is liked by the search engines such as Google and Bing. At Juicy Online Media we are well experienced at helping companies apply search engine optimisation strategies to the content which they syndicate to their LinkedIn profiles. This allows for a greater reach in the search engines and drives higher volumes of qualified traffic and leads to their respective companies.

How to use LinkedIn smartly

Before your business posts content to your LinkedIn profile you need to assess whether you are posting the content to benefit yourself or to benefit your industry peers. The purpose of posting on this social media platform is to generate B2B leads and engage with new professionals in your industry. Be sure to join existing conversations and make honest input more often than you publish information about the services which your company offers. This will make others more receptive of the message you are sharing and will in turn position you as an industry influencer.