Pinterest Marketing

Studies conducted this year have shown that if your Australian business has high-quality images to use on the Pinterest social media network, then it’s highly suggested that you open an account on Pinterest and create a profile for your organisation. Be sure to create your profile with professionally taken photos and listen to the needs of your audience. Recent reports into Pinterest usage have shown that up to 85% of this social media network’s audience are women and 70% of this social media’s audience have shown an intention to purchase products. If your business has products or services that cater to this demographic, then it would be in your best interest to ensure that publishing regular content on this social media network is made a priority.

Increase your brand's awareness

Your Pinterest profile is a platform to show off what your business has to offer and to build your brand and followers. The products which your organisation offer need to be grouped in a logical way clear of clutter, which is distracting and displeasing to the eye. A primary thing to keep in mind is how your customers might search for a product or service which your business is providing. A smart way is to segment your boards into different sub-categories. An example of this is if you are a Fashion brand, you would separate items of clothing by type and style.

Monitor your target audience

Follow your target audience users and take note of what their interests are. This will allow you to create a more engaging user experience, when publishing your content to this social network. Take a look at who is following you, who is repining your content which you publish and what pins from other companies are your users engaging with? By trying to identify trends in your market, you can use this data to create more relevant content and publish it to your fans. By managing, measuring and tracking the things that interest your followers, this allows your brand to become an influencer to your audience, ensuring they will always listen to what you message your company has to say.

Publish content regularly to foster engagement

Pinterest audiences are fickle so it’s important to regularly publish fresh new content to your Pinterest boards. While there is nothing set in stone about the frequency of which you should be posting, by taking a look at how often your competitors post updates, this is a clever method which will give you an indication.