Twitter Marketing

Twitter today has more than 200 million active users which means compared to Facebook, they are an impressive player in the social media network space. Twitter is primarily limited to tweets consisting of 140 characters but that does not mean that this as a limitation, think of it rather as an opportunity to be creative. By engaging with your audience and potential future customers with small clever tweets, you can attach photos to each of your posts which allows you to direct your followers to your company website or blog, by including your company’s website url.

Pay attention to your audience

The discussions which take place on Twitter are just like the ones you have on a daily basis with your own customers. Before you create and implement your social media marketing strategy, take a look at what other businesses are doing in your niche market. See how they foster engagement with their audiences and try to style your marketing decisions based off of their strategies. Now you can start posting your content and testing similar tweets, while monitoring how it is received by your audience. Be sure to continue split testing your campaigns and altering your social media marketing if need be.

Create a Twitter strategy

To increase your Twitter followers and fans of your brand, it’s important that the content which you share with your audience is interesting and compelling. At Juicy Online Media we are the experts at helping local businesses create compelling social media marketing campaigns, that are industry related and engages your Twitter fans. We always conduct in-depth market research into hot new trends in your marketplace and build engaging campaigns around this. We do this as in doing so ensures that your business stands out from your competitors and brands your company as an influencer in your market.

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Interaction is the key

When uploading your company’s content to the Twitter social network platform, always remember to follow the 80/20 rule. This rule dictates that it is a social media best practice to contribute relevant and free information 80% of the time, while saving 20% of the time for promotional messages about your organisation. By following this best practice, you will always have a happy audience that responds to the messages you tweet to your Twitter followers. Your followers will be sure to share your content to their friends on their own social media channels. An audience happy to hear what your company’s message is, is an engaged audience.