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Juicy Online Media is a provider of social media marketing services to Brisbane and Gold Coast companies and all around the country. Social media marketing provides an effective range of methods for your business to interact with your audience, in the industry in which you company’s market is in. Social media marketing should be the primary focuses of your company’s digital media marketing plan. By using social media channels to build your brand, your company will be able to communicate your message to a large group of potential followers, across popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and others.

By working with Juicy Online Media there are many benefits which can improve your business, let’s discuss just a few examples that our clients have seen first hand. We have increased brand recognition of many companies as this is the primary goal we set for all of our clients. Every chance that your company has to interact with your audience by submitting news, information or updates about your company, is valuable to your brand’s popularity. The more publicly available content that your company has to publish to your social media channels, is more opportunities for your potential customers to learn about the products or services which you offer. Remember, when your audience is informed and engaged with your business, they are more likely to become your customers.

Social Media Marketing Costs

Prices start from $199 + GST PW

Our social media marketing plans are tailored for each business itself and we quote based on that. Our social media management can include posting on the relevant channels on your behalf, creating content for postings, community management and social advertising. Many people ask us the costs involved so this is a general price that does not take into your personal circumstances. Chat with us about what you require and we will organise a quote for you

Social Media Achievements

Companies which implement social media marketing services into their online digital business plan are rewarded with an increased audience share, an increase in social media followers and a higher quality of generated leads. The more often that your content appears on your channels, the more familiar your audience becomes with your brand. Did you know that case studies have shown, that along with brand recognition comes improved customer loyalty.

By posting informative curated content to your social media channels on a frequent basis, you are increasing the popularity of your digital brand. The greater your reach becomes, the more followers you attract and this enables you to become an influencer in your industry market. As you syndicate content to your social media accounts, you are building a following consisting of potential customers, existing customers as well as your recent customers. Every interaction that these people have with your brand is another chance of converting them from leads into paying customers.

The first step to an effective social media marketing campaign is to design and implement a strong performing plan. A social media marketing plan should contain an overview of all of the details involving your business and the social media networks such as Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. If you already have an existing social media marketing plan, then it’s important that you audit it’s effectiveness, including analytical research of your audience reach and followers count.

Juicy Online Media has helped many Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Cairns and all the way to Melbourne companies create highly detailed social media marketing plans. The most important reason why we encourage businesses that work with us to have a detailed plan written down, is that by having one it allows your company to measure whether or not your social media campaigns are successful, or need to be altered in real time.

social media marketing gold coast juicy online media
gold coast social media marketing juicy online media

Strategy and Content Creation

Your social media marketing strategy should outline your objectives and long term business goals. By creating a clear marketing path for your business you are ensuring that your goals will be met. It’s important to define how you plan to get from A to B (where A is a desired goal and B is a completed objective). Always make sure that your objectives are realistic, measurable, achievable and relevant. As your social media marketing campaigns progress, always be sure to come back to your initial plan and re-evaluate it. You may need to refine your goals or make ongoing adjustments.

Creating content and syndicating it to your businesses social media channels, is vital to the engagement and discussion amongst your audience. Creating written and visual information that is relevant to your market and your brand’s objectives, will ensure that influencers share your content to their personal audiences. By syndicating relevant information about your business, you will be able to expand your market reach and potential customer engagement. Keep in mind that the more high-quality your content is, the more your company’s brand will stand out from the competition.

At Juicy Online Media we are the experts at designing high-quality content that is targeted to your audience and engages your customers. We always conduct in-depth market research into hot new trends in your industry. We do this as it ensures your company stands out from the crowd, gives you a leg up on your competition and brands your company as an influencer to your audience.

Teaching your staff social media best practices

By bringing your business’s staff up to date with current social media marketing practices, you are ensuring the growth of your online social media audience. Our Gold Coast local social media training workshops offer current insights, trends and innovations, while providing your staff with our skilled hands-on learning techniques. The social media training services which Juicy Online Media provide are attended by business owners, company staff and even individual sole traders.

We cover a diverse amount of topics when teaching our social media training courses. We discuss the largest and most prominent social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. During our training sessions we also cover social media marketing strategies, business reputation monitoring, written & visual content creation and syndication methods. You can trust us to ensure that both you and your staff are brought up to speed on the current best practices and boost your community engagement and social media branding.

Managing your social community and brand awareness

When done correctly social media community management ensures your business can interact and engage with your target audience. The more you share content with your audience, the more chances you have of converting them into paying customers. At Juicy Online Media, our community management best practices teach your business how to re-engage with previous or existing customers that may have forgotten about the products which your business has to offer.

Creating relevant and visually appealing content about your business and publishing it to your social media channels, allows you to ask for audience input and create a passionate community that follows your brand. Successful business owners understand that generating leads and converting them into sales, goes far beyond simply having a product or service to sell. Effective social media marketing comes down to how visible your brand is and how good your relationship is with your target audience and your social followers.

Juicy Online Media offers social media marketing presentations to our clients, demonstrating how each social network is different and best practices when implementing your social media marketing campaigns. We will teach your business how audiences react to targeted marketing methods, along with branding advice. Your companies brand will be established as an influencer on the social media networks and your audience will listen to the messages you have to share.

Social Media Marketing at live events

We support Brisbane and Gold Coast companies implement live event social media marketing campaigns. By covering your companies live event, hosted by your business, you can increase your brand’s influence and gain more followers on your social media channels. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do tend to make mistakes doing this, as it takes away important “face time” from their existing customers as well as potential new ones.

When Juicy Online Media attends your live event, we ensure your that your live social media coverage is efficiently implemented. By working together we will develop a social media marketing strategy for your live event and post to your social channels on the day of your event. We will interact with your social media channels by engaging your audience, providing them with keynotes, event related #hashtags on Twitter, managing your live steam and posting to your social media accounts when asked specific questions by your audience.