Community and Associations Social Media Marketing

Community based organisations and associations need an online presence through their website, social media and other online channels because it is essential in a competing and saturated market. Like with others in the industry, you are about creating awareness for your cause, looking for donations, finding employees or volunteers and trying to engage your audience without being seen as pushy but informative. You can use social media to share images and other stories to best impact a wider audience. This is why it is the perfect marketing tool to drive awareness and also to communicate useful information to create advocates for your particular cause or service. Juicy Online Media can work with you, develop a strategy, personality for your NFP organisation and plan when your content will be shown to your followers. Speak with us about affordable Community and Not for Profit Social Media Marketing.

Community Organisations and Not for Profit Associations need to get their messages out to an active and engaged audience
Tips and Hints to help promote your Community Organisation or Not for Profit Association on Social Media

There are heaps of unique ways to promote your Community Association on Social Media. We have chosen a few of the most popular.

Have a clear point of difference

It is really important to create a clear point of difference with an Association of Community based organisation against others in the industry. Those who receive your feeds and blogs are most likely getting other businesses asking for their support so it is how you position yourself and be a point of difference that will carve through all those messages and let your voice be heard.

Choose the correct channel to focus on

This may be generalising but community based organisations are often time poor, limited with staff and funds need to spent well. This is why it important to focus on the social channels that will offer the best return. Find out where your audience is and focus on that network. For example it may be preferable to concentrate on Facebook and have it feed into Twitter to save time. Do not forget that it is still advisable to create specific and engaging content for each network so try not to neglect one completely.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags and tags are useful for your message read by a wider audience. Use them wisely though and do not have too many.

There is so much more that you can do to both engage your followers such as promote your events and awards and even use existing relationships with councils and associations to help communicate your cause. Speak to Juicy Online Media about your Community and Association Social Media Marketing Management.