Fashion Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for your fashion brand or label needs to be a focal point of any digital media marketing plan. Your competition is online and everyday they are syndicating content to their social media channels and communicating with your audience. You can not afford to miss out on these discussions and allow your competition to become brand influencers in your target market. At Juicy Online Media we understand that running your company is a full time job, so allow us to handle your social and digital media marketing for you. It does not matter to us if your company is big or small, contact us today to learn more. With our highly skilled experts we can grow your fashion social media brand and engage with your audience. We will work with your business to increase your brand awareness and sales across all major social media networks.

Fashion social media marketing is driven my imagery and video as fashion brands command large audience followers. By discussing what’s currently hot in fashion styles or the latest trends on the runways, marketing via social media networks is a guaranteed method of generating buzz around your fashion brand and label.

Share your fashion photos via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Clever brands understand that a picture is worth a thousand words and that a visually engaging photo is remembered longer in your audiences mind than a paragraph of text describing your fashion items. As the seasons pass by your engaging shared photos will be remembered much longer than if you had just shared a paragraph of boring text. By sharing your product photographs to your social network account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you are able to quickly build an audience of passionate followers. Visual social media networks are often the most powerful ones to promote your brand as these networks are product related and host large volumes of product-related conversations on a daily basis. When composing your posts, always try and follow best posting practices. Remember to include hashtags related to the seasonal time of year (summer, winter, autumn or spring) and anything else that will boost brand recognition.

Customise your brands message

Prior to launching your fashion social media marketing campaigns and broadcasting content to your social media channels, you should firstly understand that each network contains a different audience demographic. Twitter for example, has a larger amount of technology savvy users on it, compared to Facebook. The Facebook social media network is used by a large demographic of everyday people, discussing a broad range of interesting topics. Pinterest on the other hand is the perfect platform for branding your fashion label, as it’s primarily used by women, shoppers and consumers of similar products. Pining high-quality photos of your product on this network will guarantee you re-pins and more channel followers. Never forget the ever-growing Instagram. It’s user base and features are continually improving making it a hot social network to watch.

Talk about customer lifestyles

Consumers enjoy reading stories about their favourite fashion brands, so always be sure to regularly syndicate fresh content to all of your social media channels. By informing your social media audience about customers who purchase your products and creating an interesting story about them, their lifestyle and why they prefer your brand, you can build a strong digital following.

Appealing stories can often result in increased sales as well as repeat business. Did you know that a popular method used by the fashion industry is to tell behind the scenes stories? These are stories talking about recent events such as a live fashion runway show with your audience. Communicating events such as these can include photos of new seasonal collections before they are launched in the stores. It’s also a clever ideas to integrate your social media marketing with members only promotional activities. This is an effective way to build buzz around your fashion brand and grow your followers.

Host fan events using social media

In Australia large fashion brands such as Myers and retail chain stores command large social media followers and have a strong brand presence. Juicy Online Media can help your Gold Coast fashion brand achieve the same results as the large players and build your brand into an influencer, in your target industry market.

Large brands such as Myers often command large social media followings. They then leverage their fan base to promote fan events, invite users to engage with content they post, a lot of which is user-generated and create hashtags around the names of their newly released products. Using social media networks, fashion brands can build up excitement when it comes time to release a new product and generate a surge in sales, from both new and existing customers.

Foster online audience engagement

In recent years what was once regarded as offline fashion events, these days are events merged with the online digital world. An excellent example of this is Australian Fashion Week. Each show is live streamed and broadcast to websites and syndicated in real-time to social media networks. User interaction is encouraged as audiences comment in real time to the live streaming, by using hashtags. Creating rich user experiences such as this results in increased brand building and strong sales growth.

While the content which you create and syndicate to your social network is important and content is always regarded as king, it takes a lot more than just posting photos to increase your audience and followers count. Think of it as a race, good content is the starting line and audience engagement is the finishing line. But what happens during the race you ask? Firstly you craft compelling content that offers your audience serious value. It should be useful, functional and solves a need or problem. Next keep in mind that your readers come first. Sure you are trying to sell them a product of clothing from your fashion line, but you need to do it in a way that is not self serving. Genuine audience engagement on the social media networks comes from shared experiences and brand recommendations. You want your customers voice to be the focal selling point of your brand, you are merely the medium through which they communicate.