Lifestyle Brands Social Media Marketing

Companies which build an emotional brand experience with their audience traditionally do better than those who don’t. It’s important to make this connection via social media marketing of your lifestyle brand as it helps to convert followers into paying customers. When developing your social media strategy try to create a plan that includes effective communication channels, which are based on your audience’s needs and requirements.

To create effective social media marketing campaigns, be sure to always stay social. The purpose of digital marketing via this medium is to inform your audience about your company and what your brand stands for. Craft engaging stories that resonate with your audience and increase followers to your social media channels. Draw your audience in, engage them and keep them coming back for more information about your company. You are marketing a lifestyle, not a product so it’s best to keep the ‘selling’ to a minimum.

Social media art

To effectively communicate with your audience, you must be continually promoting new shows or gallery openings. The best place to share this information is with your followers on your social media profiles. Provide your audience with insights into how your creative process works, share photos with them and tweet regular updates about projects which you are working on. Give your audience updates to behind the scenes pictures at events you host and record the time you spend at prestigious art auctions. Interacting with your audience turns both you and your brand into an influencer in the art world.

Build audience engagement by initiating conversations with your followers and asking for their input. When people are involved with a product or brand on a personal level, they become more attached to that brand. This leads to your followers doing your marketing for you. In the art world for example, you could post a piece of art, ask a question that is open ended, create dialogue and foster an engaging conversation. Perhaps call on your audience for amateur art work submissions and host a competition. Allow your followers to judge the outcome and let them decide who the winner is. The best picked piece could be hosted at an exhibition and auctioned, to raise money for charity. Not only does this help a worthy cause it also build buzz around your brand.

Social media beauty marketing

Beauty products are effectively marketed on social media networks if they belong to environmentally conscious companies. Consumers respond well to this if the brand is promoting a lifestyle that helps their customers while making the world a better place. If you can use your company’s voice and influencer status, you can promote your product, show that your corporation has good will and increase your bottom line through generating new sales.

Natural and organic beauty products are easily marketed on the social media networks. Consumers these days are very conscious about the benefits of organic skincare products, want to know more about them and make informed decisions prior to purchasing. Juicy Online Media has assisted many Gold Coast companies that sell beauty and skincare products and services. By talking up the natural organic benefits which your product or service offers and by building effective marketing campaigns, you are able to able to spread your message to a broad audience.

Health discussions on social media

Did you know that social media marketing works effectively in the health care industries? On a population level, social media marketing is extremely effective, as healthcare providers find communicating with large audiences this way, much more preferable than older outdated methods. An example of this is health care professionals discussing socially important topics such as smoking and drug use. Social media marketing used in this way can effectively influence healthy behaviours and foster community-based interactions.

Quit smoking campaigns on social media networks are a popular example of the health industry and effective campaigns which were targeted to broad audiences and created a large volume of conversation and engagement. Studies performed by the Australian Government have shown that young adults who used social media to quit smoking, were more than twice as successful than others who tried to quit, by using traditional methods. The 19 to 30 years old adult demographic, are 91% more active on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter than all other forms of media. Actively engaging this demographic via the social media channels that they most use on a daily basis is an effective use of your advertising budget.

Sharing wellness via social media

According to recent surveys conducted by Juicy Online Media, health and wellness industries rank among the most aggressive users of social media networks. When it comes to branding, engaging and influencing their consumer audiences, they are proven to use emerging technologies. Bringing people from all walks of life together as one audience, is a powerful way to market your companies product or service and position you as a brand influencer.

Social media should not be viewed as more channels to sell your product or service. You need to let go of that business mentality and become more of a story teller. Brands need to publish more entertaining and engaging content to their audience’s. By taking this approach, social media will do the selling for you. An engaged audience with a positive attitude towards your brand is what you should be aiming for.

Now while we have just touched on above advice about this, I’m not saying you should never mention your product, brand or service. Try to do your brand mentions in a socially engaging contextual way. Don’t be known as the company which try’s to jam marketing down the throats of your audience followers. It’s a good rule of thumb to talk about industry specific news and information in an informative manner 90% of the time and reserve your product or service marketing to 10% of the time. By doing this you will foster a supportive audience interested in your brand, happy to talk about your brand with their friends, as well as increasing your market share.