Not for Profit Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital market it does not matter if you are a startup not for profit organisation, are creating your social media profiles for the first time, or if your company has an existing social media profile. Juicy Online Media are the experts at planning and creating social media marketing campaigns and teaching your staff current social media marketing best practices. We have assisted many local not for profit clients helping them to build effective content marketing strategies.

Well built social media marketing campaigns allows growth of brand and audience followers engagement. Did you know that one of the biggest issues facing nonprofits is that they just don’t have enough time to create engaging content and syndicate it to their social media channels? We are able us to assist your non-profit when it comes to all of your social media marketing planning and syndication needs.

Create a social media posting calendar

Designing a content creation and syndication calendar does not need to be a complicated task. While you can build one from scratch using staff collaboration, it’s much easier to use a generic template and alter it for your not for profit organisation’s needs.

Your not for profit organisation’s content calendar should be a reference point for your staff and marketing teams to use together, allowing everyone in your organisation to follow your content syndication process. By pre-planning all of your weekly or monthly social media marketing strategies in advance, you won’t end up in the situation where you are scrambling at the last minute for content ideas.

It’s a best practise to try and plan your content calendar around important organisation events or important dates. Always be alert to gaps in your social media marketing calendar and have content ready ahead of time to syndicate to your social media channels.

Design a strong brand purpose

A strong brand purpose is essential to the success of your non profit organisation on the social media networks. Your nonprofit needs to have solid pre-existing goals and objectives, which will benefit your organisation. Begin by developing your social media marketing strategies and continue building them until either all your social marketing ideas are exhausted or your social media marketing goals have been achieved. Once your strategy is implemented, be sure to monitor it and adjust if necessary. If one of your social media marketing strategies does not reach its desired goal, try to determine why this is the case, make alterations to it and if it’s still not yielding the desired results, simply move onto the next one.

Always be sure to engage your audience and inform them with the content and information which you syndicate to your social media channels, what your organisation’s goals and objectives are. Your nonprofit’s donors want validation as to why they are supporting your organisation. Always be sure to remember that your brand represents not only your non-profit it also represents a purpose, thoughts and feelings.

Repurpose your existing content

Gold Coast and Brisbane based non-profit organisations often overlook the large volumes of existing information which they often already available. If your nonprofit has a blog, existing marketing information or informative pre-published literature, this can easily be re-purposed and syndicated to your social media channels. There are many different ways to do this while still letting your content be interesting and engaging to your social media audience.

There are many different ways in which Juicy Online Media can help your non-profit to repurpose your existing content. For example you could take an existing blog post and break it down into bullet points. Once you have this list compiled, discuss each one in more depth details and then syndicate it out to your social media channels.

Another clever idea is to take your existing content which is in a text based written format and turn it into audio. Once you have this content converted to audio you can repurpose it by adding visual elements and making a short video clip. This can be uploaded to your Youtube channel. You could also turn the audio recording into a podcast, where you use this to answer common questions which your audience might often ask. Be sure to upload your podcast to your organisation’s iTunes account as well as sharing this on your social media accounts. Create engaging stories that people will stop to listen to.

Use Google alerts for updates

Using Google alerts is key to managing your nonprofit, each time your organisation is mentioned in the media or on the social media networks. Inside your Google Alerts account you can set it so that you are notified via email any time a keyword related to your nonprofit is mentioned. When selecting the keywords to trigger an alert for your non-profit and to send a notification to your email there are many different ideas which Juicy Online Media can help you brainstorm and to come up with.

Keywords related to current marketing campaigns which you are running is a good first starting point. You will also want to include in your list your organisation’s name, the area in which you operate as well as keywords related to the service which your non-profit provides. One clever method is to add into your Google alerts account your premium donors names as well as the names of the people which are on your non-profit’s board of management. This way you will never miss an important conversation started on social media, giving you ample time to respond to them in an efficient and engaging manner.

After you have chosen your keywords you will want to set your filters. These allow you to determine where on the internet discussions related to your chosen keywords are to be monitored. For example you could enable alerts on all mentions on social media networks and blogs, but exclude alerts from mentions of your nonprofit on international websites.