Cafe and Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns allow your restaurant or café to increase brand awareness about your business. By creating engaging content in written or visual format and syndicating it to your social media channels, you are engaging with your audience. There are a wide range of methods which your business can effectively use to start discussions with your followers and potential customers. You can share with your social media followers, information about promotions or special day of the week discounts, new menu changes or news in the food industry (such as food that’s in season).

By regularly publishing content to your social media channels you are generating interest and engaging with your audience. The more informed your audience is about your restaurant or cafe’s brand, the more chance you have of getting them to visit your business, turn them into paying customers and recommending you to their social media followers.

Build a Facebook fan page for your business

Of all of the different social media networks, you must create a Facebook fan page for your business. Recent studies have shown that Facebook is still by far the most popular social media network. When setting up your Facebook page for the first time, be sure to use a high-quality professional photo of your restaurant or cafe in the header space provided. It’s important to create visually rich content when posting updates about your business to your Facebook social media fan page, as audiences are receptive to engaging content.

Now that your restaurant fan page is created, be sure to add some tabs to the header section. Use tabs to entice your customers with discounts and specials to visit your restaurant. Create tabs with labels such as: ‘food deals’, ‘featured menu items’ and ‘promotions’. Make these tabs visual by using quality photos rather than just using boring text titles.

Share menu items on Instagram

Keep it short and sweet by posting your delicious and photogenic food to your followers on Instagram. Use it to your advantage and post messages about specials of the day, deals that are currently running or last minute changes to your restaurant’s menu. Let your food imagery tell the story and don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags. You can inform your audience about weekly food facts, beautiful photos of food plated and ready to be eaten by your hungry customers or post mentions to links to recipes you have blogged about on your business website. Engaging customers in this way increases the chances of your audience tagging in their friends on your posts, commenting and creating hashtags of your restaurants name.

Blog about your restaurant or cafe

Regular blogging while time consuming does have it’s many rewards and will benefit your restaurant or cafe in the long term. Popular search engines such as Google and Bing love seeing new content on your website and has said to preference it over others who do not blog often. This is important as the more often search engines view your page, the higher you get ranked in the search engines, which means more people can click on your website and engage with your brand. Long term blogging does pay off with increased search engine popularity and more people finding your website on the first page of Google and Bing. Do keep in mind that the content which you publish on your website blog should always be syndicated to your social media channels and be a strong part of your Cafe and Restaurant social media marketing plan.