Social Media terms you need to know for 2016

As a business, you are one of the potential customers sources of information when it comes to the content which you publish to your social media accounts. Naturally, you need to be informed of new social media trends before your audience and followers are. This article includes four social media terms that you need to be familiar with and keep up to date with in this coming year.

Terms to learn this 2016

Show Marketing. This term is used to literally put visuals alongside your text and show your audience how to use a certain product. Switched on business owners are taking advantage of the fact that consumers quickly absorb information sourced from visuals and are learning to study their reactions and responses to images when paired with text posts.

Social Listening. Social listening is the art of tracking how many people are talking about your brand using the brand’s hashtag. By reading through consumers’ conversations online about your brand, you will know how they perceive your business and in turn will allow you to serve them better.

Trendjacking. Trendjacking is the act of jumping on the bandwagon and referencing a currently trending topic that is relevant to your brand. Some topics that have been “trend jacked” recently are the blue/black or white/gold dress, the FIFA World Cup and Snickers with their trademark statement, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

Employee Amplification. This simple but often overlooked marketing strategy is based around the “amplify” concept. Businesses are starting to increase the level of their employees’ personal engagement with their brand as a marketing strategy to improve and increase their brand’s exposure. They involve their employees by encouraging them to post information about the company, from their own personal social media accounts.

Why you need to be updated with these terms

Keeping updated with social media terms show how hands-on you are with your business and how you strive to serve your audience and followers better. By following the current trends that your audience is aware of, you will be able to relate to and engage with them better than your competition. Naturally you don’t want to encounter terms in your customer’s posts and wonder what they mean.

There are always new terms and ideas which marketers constantly come up with on social media and knowing these new terms will help you build a better connection between your brand and your businesses potential customers. It will also help you stay on top of your social media marketing game by improving your marketing strategies.