Social media trends to adapt in your campaign

As the new year begins, most clients become more determined to up their marketing game and incorporate unique and new trends into their overall social media marketing strategy. As a small business owner, often working in a competitive market, you know what trends are important and more effective over another but sometimes there are new options.

It is important to update yourself with social media trends since it’s an important point to consider when planning and improving on, your digital marketing strategy. If you have not got the time to update and source these yourself, Juicy will do it for you so contact us!

Social media trends to include in your campaign

The following are simple but popular social media trends that you should include in your digital campaign strategy, to ensure that you gain more customers and improve your brand’s online exposure.

Social media selling buttons

In 2015 many small business owners discovered the benefits and advantages of letting customers buy from their business, without directly going to their website or app. This may be a small change, but one which brings a huge opportunity for brands to capture more customers and increase their overall sales.

Just take the following digital business as an example: Shopify, an e-commerce store. Two-thirds of their visits were generated by Facebook, since their incorporation with the social media network and allow buttons to be placed on businesses social pages. We have clients that have adopted this early and have been seeing rewarding returns for their online store.

More videos as your content
Videos can go viral overnight when the right information is included and your content engages perfectly with your target audience. There has been a recent battle between Facebook and YouTube, with Facebook garnering an amazing increase in views, since they implemented videos in posts functionality.

Despite Facebook going against this giant company, there’s still a chance for your brand to succeed on YouTube. At the end of the day, it’s all about choosing your content wisely and relating it to your brand to make it click among consumers.

In Summary

Social media buttons may be tiny, but they are powerful. They can drive audiences towards your sales funnels, often resulting in an increase of sales. In direct comparison to companies that forego this small change in marketing.

Ultimately, this can entice more consumers, generate more leads and increase sales to your business. As with videos, this format of content delivery are highly preferred now, often more so than photos or text based posts. They can be encompassing and effective when given the right amount of creative sparkle or context.

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