When it comes to selecting the best medium for advertising your business, it can be challenging as there are both social media and traditional marketing options available.

In the past traditional marketing has created ample exposure for numerous Australian businesses, but with times changing and audiences growing preference for accessing content on demand, social media is taking over when it comes to digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a medium of marketing that has been practiced for years and still continues to be used today. It primarily focuses on marketing methods that consumers can see visibly, often including offline print ads, newsletters, billboards and newspaper advertisements.

While traditional marketing may work on the general public, recent Australian studies conducted have concluded that when advertising to younger demographics, such as those known as the millennial generation, this advertising medium may yield questionable results.

Social Media

Social media has been around since the early 2000’s but was only utilised by Australian business owners in the following years. Social media marketing allows for highly targeted campaigns to be created, allowing brands to effectively engage with their audiences and to deliver on demand and informative content.

Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube, presenting business owners with an open stream of communication between them and their audience of followers.

Social Media and Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing on most occasions is formal and pre-planned, as it is advertised months or weeks before an event and results are broadcast after a few days. In traditional marketing the campaign information for publication is exact and polished before publication

On the other hand when it comes to social media marketing, social media marketing campaigns can be created much faster and can be often split tested for performance in real time. A live fashion event for example can be covered before, during and after the show has been completed.

Posts and comments can be shared on different social media platforms and individuals can be reached from around the globe. For the modern business which is aiming to reach a wider audience for a much lower advertising spend, digital marketing and social media marketing provide a range of cost effective advantages over traditional marketing methods.