As a business owner you aim to have your brand gain more exposure to expand your business presence and attract new customers. One of the best ways in which you an acquire an increased market share is through local search engine optimisation. Local SEO is a simple method that all business owners can use to expand their local reach, as it is a highly effective strategy if you know what keywords to use to attract people to your business.

Properly optimise your website content

Obtaining a first page position in the search engine results for your business does not only depend on your website content, but also on your business website as a whole. You can use your business domain name to optimise keywords and ensure that your website is user friendly.

To choose the right keywords you need to determine what your business is about, which market you cater to and what kind of impression you want your customers to receive via your digital brand. This will easily allow your audience to locate your business online and potentially become paying customers. If you are an electrican based in Fortitude Valley and don’t service clients out at The Gap, then you would focus on the suburbs closest to the Valley. Listing the suburbs you do service allows the customer and search engine to make an informed choice.

Add your business listings to local websites

Search engine results continuously check business listings to validate how accurate and consistent the information is and to make sure that they are still returning relevant business information. By providing the most accurate and reliable information about your business, you can be sure that interested people can find your business listing.

Always make sure that your business listing information is updated to ensure that accurate information is listed about your business. Even if some of your business information can be found in third-party sources and websites, you still need to make sure that the details listed match your business. It is important also that you have your name, address and phone number listed on your website. Couple this with a Google Business listing, Truelocal and Yellow Pages, your website will potentially rank well for localised search.

Follow a local SEO strategy

When following a local SEO strategy it’s important that you make sure that you are implementing what is known in the industry as a “white hat” SEO strategy and that your business is not participating in any dubious linking methods.

Placing the right links to your website is essential for your business to be searchable by your target audience. At all times it's important that you validate the correctness of the links pointing to your website and that you are constantly searching for local sources, which can link back to your business in a professional manner. The quality of the links pointing towards your website counts toward your ranking and on what page in Google your website is listed in.