So you’ve already listed down some of your plans for your business website, including how you think the structure should be created and a rough visual idea of how the design will look. You have conceptualised these ideas and have maybe drawn a layout in your head.

The tricky part now comes in choosing the perfect domain name for your soon to be launched website. A domain name for your digital business can either make or break your online presence. You can’t just choose any old domain that comes into your head or one which you think matches your brand. You have to seriously think for the long term and come up with a domain that will last your business a long time. The best domain names are ones which are versatile, yet relevant no matter what year or day it is.

While you are already professional and formal with your business and the everyday running of it, when it comes to your domain name you need to be more creative and clever. You should want to select a domain name that immediately catches your audience’s attention. Even better, you should choose a domain that will appeal to general consumers and a broad demographic. This will give you an increased audience reach and help you to better expand your digital brand.

This article will help you get a kick-start on choosing the perfect domain name for your Australian business.

Define your business purpose

The most useful method which you can use to make your brand name stand out, is by using it in your website domain. This allows your domain to be understood by a wide audience and your brand name to be remembered easily. Choosing a complicated domain name or one that is different from your brand name, might make it harder for your customers to remember your website when it comes to return visits.

Some companies in Australia instead of putting a dot.com at the end of their domain, choose to add a different extension, with the purpose of making their domain more unique and recognisable.

You can do the same with your domain to add more personality to it. After all your domain is a reflection of your brand so it should be direct, to the point and exact.

There are many businesses that you are able to grab a new domain from such as Crazy Domains, Go Daddy, Net Registry and more. Always check the terms and conditions for each service provider before making a purchase.

Include your brand name

Choosing the perfect domain for your website is not only about including your brand name in it, or focusing on what you sell. Your domain should also be able to clearly demonstrate your company’s purpose.

This includes what it is for, to whom it’s for and why your business is operating. By including a descriptive word in your domain, you can give your potential customers an idea of what your business does and what it offers to its target market.

You can use an adjective that describes your brand or a term that describes your company’s expertise in the industry in which you operate in. Take “Fashionbunker” for example. It’s apparent that it’s a clothing brand, but much more than that, it’s a collection of elegant dresses and garments aimed at fashion-oriented women. This domain illustrates a clear purpose of selling fashionable items to women who choose to have a wide variety of clothing items.

Optimise your keywords

If you’re undecided and still want to explore your options, you can always opt for keyword search tools to help you find available domain names, that you can use for your website. Perhaps you can get ideas from other domains and come up with a unique domain idea for your own business website.

At the end of the day, your chosen domain should speak about your brand and reflect what it is that you are offering consumers. Being too specific and limiting your domain to a particular keyword can also limit your potential reach but can be very easy to remember. Our other blog Brisbane Social Media states its purpose within the domain name itself whereas Juicy Online Media adds a new element to it. It’s always a good idea to ensure that your domain is appealing and eye-catching.