Tips for new bloggers

When it comes to blogging you firstly need to ask yourself, what do you think makes a good blog post and what do you think makes a bad one? Once you have this in mind and consult with what other bloggers in your industry are doing, you will be able to begin creating content for your own blog.

A blog post which engages with your audience, is a post which will bring you more traffic and have the potential of creating revenue for you via the advertisements on your website.

With each piece of content which you create for your blog, you shouldn’t have in mind that each post will go viral, instead it’s a much better mind set to have that each piece you create, is another in a long line of blog posts which will add to the future growth of your site.

Write with your audience in mind

When creating your next engaging blog posts for your website, be sure to keep your audience in mind, as this is ultimately what determines both the direction of which you blog goes and the content which your followers and fans want to read.

If you can write your content as if you were talking to a friend, your blog posts will be much better received by your followers. The reason why these people are fans of your blog is because they feel a connection to you and the content which you share.

Be friendly on social media

By using Facebook you can tap into a larger audience and share with them the content which you publish on your blog or website. Social media is an excellent way of increasing the followers of the content that you create, so long as it is engaging and provides benefit to your readers.

Through creating ongoing engaging content, you will be able to over time grow your audience, increase your market presence and grow your income from attracting paying advertisers, who are interested in being a partner with your website blog.

Have fun with blogging

As a blogger tip for new bloggers, always keep in mind that when writing your content, you started your blog and business, as you love what you do. Blogging doesn’t need to be serious (unless you blog in a technical industry), so it’s ok to keep the content which you write about light hearted and fun. This will allow your audience of readers to feel more relaxed when reading your content and to be more easily engaged.

Boring and stuffy content, while in certain industries has it’s place, for the average blogger, you will get better engagement and increased followers by keep the content which you right, fun and easy to read.

Blog regularly with consistency

By taking a consistent approach to blogging you will be able to ensure that you have a regular content posting schedule, which your audience can look forward to. By creating one and sticking to it, you will last longer than most bloggers, which on average only last from 3 to 6 months, before calling it quits. Consistency and dedication, along with engaging content it what makes for a great blog.