The fashion industry is always changing and fashion fads come and go, just the same as the seasons and weather do.In an industry which is facing the most fierce competition due to the rise in online digital fashion influencers,your marketing efforts really need to stand out to ensure that your brand is noticed.Today’s fashions are decided by the socially active trend setters which command large audiences on social sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest.These trend setters present brands with a unique opportunity to get their fashion range in front of large audiences,who are engaged with the regular content publish and who act on every purchasing recommendation.

Create informative promotional videos

By creating informative promotional videos you can make engaging fashion related videos on a wide range of topics and use this video content to get your audience exciting about the clothing range which you have for sale.Try to create different styles of videos on different topics and one which feature different fashion related content, to gauge which is more receptive with your audience. Be sure to tag your videos with a description, your company’s other social media accounts, as well as including a call to action.

Another clever idea is to film a giveaway event and edit it into short video posts which you can then upload to YouTube and link to during your digital marketing campaigns. You could also interview your customers which have previously purchased items of clothing from you and share their stories with your audience.

Hold social media photo contests

Holding photo contests is a great way to use your retail store shoppers to create the content for your online digital marketing campaigns.You should consider incentivising your customers and allow them to participate in your contest by voting for their favourite photo and sharing the competition with their friends on social media. Offer them a chance to win prizes from your fashion brand such as discount vouchers or apparel pieces.After you have chosen the winners, be sure to share their stories with your social media audiences to generate follow up marketing campaigns. 90% of the marketing work has already been done, which makes the follow up an easy sell to your followers.