Tools to help your business in Brisbane

As a business owner there are proven Public Relations (PR) tools which you can use to promote your business and foster an audience in your target market or industry. PR activities and tools when used correctly can help to convert interested consumers into paying customers. These tools are cost effective and often provide your business with a greater degree of control, than a broad approach to advertising campaigns. The following are a few examples of tools which are available to Brisbane business owners.

Media relations

With a focus on using the media and channels as a strategy to manage your business and how it is perceived, your media tools could include releasing press statements or information sheets, offering the media tours of your business to encourage journalists to report on aspects of your business, as well as using social media to attract the attention of digital media groups.


Either in print or emailed formats, newsletters are a good way at promoting a business and keeping an engaged audience informed of events which are happening in your business. Newsletters are great at communicating with your potential customers by keeping them informed and by encouraging repeat business. Well written newsletters offer information to  your consumers in a neutral style, while also providing value added benefits.


Advertorials come in different shapes and sizes but in general they are in the form of reviews or news stories in newspapers. Advertorials allow your business via it’s brand to associate its self with a newspaper, which is a trend of many businesses which employ marketing companies in assisting them with their advertorial campaigns.