Types Of Images That Engage On Social Media

Market research suggests that around 80% of what we remember, comes from visual content while 20% of what we remember comes from text alone. This means that images are able to feed us much more information and are able to impact potential customers, much more since images are more appealing.

Why visuals are important

Your target customers may not notice it but visuals have a huge impact on how they become attracted to a certain product or brand. Small business owners may not be digital experts but they know well how the right images can influence their consumers’ buying behaviors.

It’s not only about what photos you post, but what kind of photos they are. Visuals are great in attracting customers and they can leave a lasting impression of your business and brand, long after they have left your website or social media pages.

Type of images to include in your content

The following are some types of photos which your business can use to enhance your social media content:

Single photos. These are the usual basic photos that you often see online. They do not have any texts or quotes on them. They are normal photos of your businesses products. Any simple photo can act as an enhancement to your content, especially when it’s paired with a powerful unique caption.

Collages. Unlike single photos, collages show more images but often are all taken from one series. The most common collage you can make is one that has 4 different pictures in them. This may be done to show different sides of a product or to show a set that has 4 products. You can also use this to compare two closely similar products with each other or to show a difference in size, color or style.

Photo quote. This is also referred to as images with text. This can be more powerful than a single photo or a collage since it already has the message that you want to convey to your followers and a photo that supports your message.

Illustration. This is a different take on real-life photos. You can be creative with your photos and sketch an image instead of taking a photo.

To make your brand’s content more appealing, try to include different types of images such as a single photo, which is the most basic type. Collages that show more than one photo, photo quotes where you can include a powerful message and illustrations that look unique and stand out if used as a part of your overall marketing campaign.