Should you use hashtags on Facebook

Hashtag usage on the social media networks continues to increase every year and as a small business owner it’s vital that you take advantage of this when creating your social media marketing strategy. Hashtags allow people to find your brand and learn more about your products and services which your business provides. Hashtags when used in the content which you post to your social media accounts on Facebook, enable people to share and engage in conversations around your brand via hashtag usage.

Before deciding on which hashtags you want to use in the posts on your Facebook page, you should carefully conduct research to better understand which tags are the most relevant to your business and brand. While hashtags are incredibly important when it comes to posting your content on Twitter or Instagram, using them on Facebook is a not new discovery which has not taken off as many would have expected. In the past they did not carry the same weight as they do today, when it comes to the Facebook algorithms which determine the popularity of content posted.

When posting your content on Facebook you should always use minimal hashtags if any at all. As the future evolution of Facebook continues it will become more relevant that you use keywords and hashtags correctly when posting content on your Facebook business page. By following Facebook best practices and using hashtags in the content you post and in your advertising campaigns, you will be able to amplify your brand message. Like with everything, don’t go overboard with adding hashtags to FB posts. It can look sloppy when you see multiple tags so try and use them sparingly and make them super relevant if required.

When doing your market research to determine which hashtags are popular in your industry, a clever idea is to use the Facebook search tab to try and discover which keywords your audience is using. This will enable your followers to find more content and information related to your business. Once you have discovered this you'll be able to generate a list of hashtags that you can use in your future marketing efforts.