In today’s rapidly moving world of social media and smartphone photography, there is no reason why as a blogger you too can’t jump in on this exciting action. As a blogger you should know better than to just stick with what you already know, so do try to experiment with different ways in which you can be a better blogger. This doesn’t mean that when you’re learning a new craft you need to invest heavily in new equipment, you can start small and use what you have for the time being.

An example of this is how to take photos for your blog using your mobile phone. You don’t need to buy the latest smartphone to produce quality photos, you can simply use your current phone and learn its best features to maximise the quality of the photo's which you take.

Know your phone’s camera features

It’s a good idea to learn your smartphone’s camera settings, so that you can maximise them and use it with ease when next snapping some shots. This will allow you to take more photos with less time trying to figure out how it works for different photo styles. It would also help you to master your phone’s camera features and learn how best to take your photo.

Experiment with angles

As they say in photography, an angle is everything. Take the time to learn which is the perfect angle for different objects and how they look best in your phone screen. Doing so will allow you to highlight the best features and really show them off in your photos. When you select the best angles of an object in your photos, you are more likely to attract more readers to your blog. Show your followers that you’re not just a good blogger in terms of writing engaging words, but that you can also take great photos.

Play with lighting

Good lighting adds drama and excitement to your photos. When it’s bright enough in your shots, you are able to show a vibrant and wonderful photo. When there’s a tinge of darkness, your photos exude a mysterious vibe. It’s important to remember that lighting plays a big role in all of this. Your readers can easily tell a good photo from a bad photo, if one simply looks more stunning than the other.

Take a lot of photos

The only way that you can master using your smartphone to take exciting photos is to keep doing it. Eventually with times and practice you will get the hang of using your phone. The more that you do something the more you get better at it, so keep on snapping photos and publishing them to your blog.