How to use Pokémon Go for your business

Pokémon Go is a location-based, virtual reality mobile gaming app and has been the seen as the latest craze in Australia with fans of all ages roaming the streets playing the game. Pokémon Go is currently available in more than 10 countries around the world.

With the surge in popularity of the game, people who used to want to stay home are now willingly walking for kilometres outside of their homes to locate, catch and train these pocket monsters.

As small business owners this is a great opportunity to cash in on the rising popularity of Pokémon, by enticing players into your establishment and converting them into paying customers.

Request a PokéStop for your business

The beauty of running your own business is that you can be innovative any time you please or whenever convenient. With the new Pokémon craze hitting the streets of Australia, who could have thought that even business owners would be able to benefit from this augmented reality game, that fans could only dream of years ago?

In Pokémon Go there are established PokéStops where trainers can catch Pokémons. As a small business owner you can request that your establishment be tagged as a PokéStop and just wait for your store to be visited by hundreds of game players “trainers” every single week.

Invite people to play at your business

If you can’t tag your brick-and-mortar store as a legitimate PokéStop, you can always invite the players to stop by at your establishment and maybe buy a product or two while waiting for their eggs to hatch. Nothing can break an avid trainer’s bubbles more than a discouraging establishment.

Showing potential customers that you support their Pokémon adventures will encourage them to stop by and play at your business. If you know of a PokéStop near your business, you can also let them know through signage or social media announcements on your official business accounts

Offer free Wi-Fi and charging stations

Pokémon Go is a GPS oriented and data dependent adventure game, so you need to be online in order to play it. Some people might only get the chance to play Pokémon Go when they are in a Wi-Fi-enabled zone. As a business owners you can offer free Wi-Fi at your business establishment to welcome players, as well as charging stations since we know that gaming apps such as this have a tendency to be battery draining.

Ask players to tag their photos

You can be engaging in your own way by encouraging your customers who are also Pokémon Go players, to tag photos of their catches on your business social media pages. Since posts on social media are highly shareable, your customers can actually help you to get more people into your establishment and to let them know that there are valuable Pokémons lurking in the vicinity of your business.