For business owners which find their Facebook reach declining, it can be a frustrating time. Don’t worry though you aren’t alone and recent studies have shown that it’s happening to everyone else as well. Organic reach has declined in the last year to 6%, with a massive drop of around 49% since late 2013.

Post engaging content for your audience

Facebook has become a crowded place and every business is competing for the same space on their users news feeds. Naturally not all businesses can take that position, hence why nowadays it’s harder than ever to get your content in front of your audience.

At last count there are more than 18 million business pages competing with you at the same time for market share, that’s a lot of competition which is why it’s important you have a solid social media marketing strategy in place before you begin your campaigns.

Create evergreen for your audience

When it comes to posting on Facebook you need to keep the lifespan of your posts in mind and realise it’s usefulness. Even if you share or re-purpose existing content, old previous posts of yours can show up in people’s news feeds if their friends like, comment or share on them.

It’s not unknown for previous published posts to show up several months later and appear fresh to your followers, even if the data of publishing was months or even years in the past.

So keep in mind when posting your engaging content on Facebook, that quality and informative evergreen content will always remain fresh and relevant to your readers, even if it was not posted at the time it’s being read.

Focus on quality content, not quantity

In the current age of content overload, we are flooded with information when reading our favourite news sites, reading our emails and browsing social media sites like Facebook.

Every day on social media, users are flooded with content, so algorithms are needed to filter content with the sole purpose of only displaying content which the user finds most engaging.

This can be a problem at times as the content which your business publishes, might not always reach all of your audience. In part this is done on purpose as Facebook delivers less organic traffic and is steering their publishers towards paid advertising. A business model which in the future, will rely more heavily on advertisers paying to receive traffic, with minimal organic search results being displayed.