Having a business development strategy when blogging serves to only help accelerate your success on the internet. Two major keys to your success involve increasing your exposure online and also your ability to effectively build a email newsletter list. When blogging you can easily use your own blog updates to help accomplish these.

Have an email newsletter subscribe button

By placing a simple request for readers to opt in at the conclusion of any blog update you can capture their contact information! The advantage this tactic gives you is that if people are reading this request you obviously already have their attention. Additionally by anyone reading your entire post you can assume they like what you have composed and therefore may be interested in seeing more of what you have to offer! This simple strategy can have a serious and positive effect on your ability to build an email newsletter subscriber list.

Help spread the word

Social networking is not only popular but also a highly effective way to increase your exposure online. Tapping into the limitless potential viral marketing has to offer is an undeniable and very efficient way to create a dominant awareness of you or your business. Simply asking readers to share what you have posted by using any easy to access ‘networking’ tabs you make available to them will work.

Leave a Comment

People quite often first look at any comments they may see upon landing on various blogging platforms! This is a ‘barometer’ of sorts many use to quickly verify how popular the site may be and being that social proof like this is even considered, whether it’s right or wrong, gives comments value! Asking viewers their opinions or even for suggestions at the end of your blog updates serves to encourage them to leave a comment! In fact the more people you have doing so, the more others will be inclined to join in as well!