What is Facebook about

Facebook has announced that the social media network has a“big picture” goal, which is to connect the world and provide internet access to everyone no matter where they are. The social media company aims to do this by facilitating better understanding through conversations and shared communities. It’s through this goal that Facebook plans to spread shared knowledge which everyone can get behind. While this may seem like an altruistic ideology, at times Facebook has been criticised for its heavy-handedapproach while trying to obtain this long-term objective.

The issue that people are currently discussing, is that when Facebook says “connect the world” what they really mean is connecting the world to Facebook. While the difference in verbiage might only be minimal, you can understand where people are coming from with their concern. While Facebook obviously aims to connect global communities through shared discussions and conversations, at the end of the day they are still a for profit business.

Just recently Facebook gave another hint as to how they may be planning in the future to broader connect and change the way in which we do business and communicate on a larger scale. The company recently posted on their Facebook business blog, that the social media network had released a new 64 page guide, designed to better help Australian business owners “Go Global” with Facebook.

According to the social media network, roughly 50 million businesses around the world use Facebook to find customers. Of that number, around 30% of fans to small business pages are from other countries in which the business operates in. For small business owners in Australia, this presents significant opportunities which highlights just how beneficial it is for local brands to target a global audience and market their products and services to them.

The report released by Facebook gives actionable insights into how small business owners can use Facebook to better grow their brand, offer additional information, and more effectively engage with consumers. The report also provides Aussie business owners with a wide range of demographic insights, including 10 influential ecommerce nations around the world. Not only does it provide in-depth analysis and statistics, Facebook has also included key areas of business interest.

Many of the Insights included in this recent Facebook report are difficult to come across elsewhere and are therefore highly invaluable when it comes to your business launching Facebook marketing campaigns. The ten nations featured in the report include Australia, Brazil, France, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Philippines, the US, and the UK.

In 2017, video advertisements will continue to increase in popularity and the way in which they engage with audiences around the world, more so than the current text based or image based ads. The report also outlined how to best make use of Facebook’s various add options, with recommendations on each one along with features which are best suitable to your business.

When it comes to your business increasing your revenue or brand awareness through Facebook marketing, it’s vital that you download and read the report recently published by Facebook. As a small business owner, it’s vital that you reach a wide audience and Facebook has the capabilities of providing this. As Facebook continues their global expansion, the opportunities available to your small business to use the platform will only increase as the year’s pass. Selling your products and services to international audiences can be made possible through effectively advertising on the Facebook network.

As competition increases in the online digital space, it's vital that your business stays ahead of your competition and creates an effective social media marketing strategy. As outlined in the report just released by Facebook, it's important that you look towards expanding your brand to the international community and engaging with audiences overseas