Using hashtags as a part of your Instagram marketing campaigns is equally as important as the content which you plan to publish and should never be taken for granted or used as an after thought.Hashtags usage in social media marketing is important as they allow your potential followers to search for content associated with that tag and engage with the results. This is an excellent way of communicating the content which you plan to share with your audience

The inclusion of hashtags along with the engaging content which you publish, is one of the fastest ways of expanding your influence and reach, beyond your current followers.By using hashtags which are associated with the products or services which your business provides, users which search for similar tags will be able to view your content, via Tweets and updates which you have previously published.

Always be sure to only use relevant hashtags to your business or the industry which you operate in. Posting content with the wrong hashtags will result in poor marketing results and won’t be as effective.As a part of your social media marketing strategy you should perform some industry research and try to identify which hashtags are trending, popular and likely to draw interest from your audience. These can be split tested to determine which ones generate the most interest, searches and followers of your brand.

There are many different tools which can be used to generate lists of trending and popular hashtags in various different industries, based on a specific keyword. But, this can also be done yourself if you have the time and patience to do the research yourself.

Hashtag usage is only going to continue to grow in popularity so it makes sense to ensure that their usage is a part of your online marketing strategy. Social media marketing is both time consuming and competitive, so be sure to use hashtags to efficiently grow your online reach.