For most of us it can be quite challenging to juggle the demands of everyday life, along with the commitments of our day jobs. While it can be tough at the best of times try to remember that you are not alone

Now days most people are putting in extra hours at the office and even once they are back at home, instead of relaxing or spending time with the family, they are continuing to work on their smartphones or tablet devices.

At times it can seem like we don’t have much control over our lives, when it comes to the amount of hours we put in at our jobs, but it’s important that you try and stick to a healthy work/life balance.

Build downtime into your schedule

Each work day you are busy at your office job and we understand that, but you should make it a priority to schedule into your week some downtime to spend with your family and loved ones.

Not only that but your downtime should also include activities which can help you to recharge your batteries. These can be some simple fun exercises with friends, walks in the local park with your pet dog, or even going on a cycling adventure with your family.

By scheduling in non-work activities with your friends and family and making sure you get away from thinking about work a few times a week, your mental health will receive a welcome boost.

Remember to exercise and get moving

Being busy and on the go can be tiring and after a long day at the office the last thing most of us want to do is head out for some exercise.

A jam-packed work schedule can be mentally and physically gruelling at times, but research has shown that even minimal amounts of exercise per week, can make a huge change to your overall well being.

Exercise helps to focus your thoughts, clear your head of work related clutter and boost your energy levels. Be sure to set aside some exercise time, preferably 30 minutes a day and up to three times a week.

Medical research has clearly shown us that a healthy mind directly relates to a healthy body. Exercise is one of the simplest ways in which we can look after ourselves and ensure that we remain healthy at the same time.

So be sure to schedule in some “you time” and enjoy an outdoor hike, bike ride with friends, a jog around the park with your pet dog or a relaxing beach walk with your family. Your overall health will thank you for it.